Thursday, December 24, 2009

HO HO HO ! MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Melrose Misfits

It's Christmas eve and C-shift is pulling the tour (A-shift will report for Christmas Day). Both Battalions have pulled through the day with mixed emotions following the passing of Chief Obenchain. It's been a fairly busy day and I guess that helps the time pass. I'm riding the Battalion again and was able to grab a few pictures of some incidents. I'll add a few real quick but I don't want to take away from the most important events / topics of the day. Briefly, here's the shots....
MVA into the 1st story of a 3 story wood frame apartment building. Moderate structural damage to load bearing walls... Units responding were: E14, E5, M101, L1, HTR6, RS1 and BC2

(Guess we'll have to rename ol David "The Hammer" Lucas since he's found that new fancy SCBA powered nail GUN).
The Melrose Misfits have also been steady today. A small fire with L13, some EMS and a broken water line. Here's a few shots of the boys out with L2...

It also seems as though ol Santa came a little early for the brothers and sisters at Station #2 aka "The Deuce". A gift that would even make ol Fire Geezer himself drool. Check it out...aint she a BEAUT!

If I can figure out how to steal..errrrr "procure" that baby, just think of how much hot Kool-aid we can have up at #9. Nothing better when there's a little snow on the ground...ummmmmummmm! Yea Geezer..I said Kool-aid! Coffee just winds us up too much and anyhow, kool-aid is simply how we roll...RED too!
Ok, on to the important stuff. It's Christmas Eve and there are men and women all across this great country of ours pulling tours in a firehouse near you. I sometimes think that people often forget we serve 24/7. That means weekends, holidays, etc. Dispatchers, Police Officers, EMS providers and Public Safety Officers work the same shifts as well. Now I know "it's our job" but from the Melrose Misfits, THANKS FOR BEING ON THE JOB! (tonight and every night). You see, while we're "here", someone else is "there" protecting our loved ones. The same goes for our men and women in the Military who are serving all over the world. May we all have a quiet, peaceful and safe night. MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and every one!
I also wanted to briefly explain what I said in last days post. I mentioned that Chief Obenchain was a "past Melrose Misfit". At one time, either Rhett or myself had written an article about various patches within our Department. The article explained how it was Chief Billy (not a Chief then) who created and designed the "fire kicking ass" patch in order to show company pride

I have great pride in the fact that the concept of that fire kicking ass is alive and well today. We have several variations but the results remain the same. Here's one Bugg created using a slightly different ass (it can also be found atop our shift calender at the bottom of this page)

I have to admit that I like Chief Billy's better. Just look at the detail...he even put a Scott on the ass...BEAUTIFUL! You just gotta love it! Anyhow, that's just one of many connections Chief Obenchain has to Station #9 and the Misfits. I'm sure we'll post more in the near future.
Service arrangements are posted here on our site. Please remember to keep the Obenchain family in your thoughts and prayers.
Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS and good night. Captain Wines

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