Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IT'S ON ! and "meet our members" part 2

Ok, some of you may have caught on that Rhett and I have a friendly little game of fretting going on. We are actually close friends and enjoy the jabs at one another. Lately, it seems as though we've been "one upping" him as far as our posts / blogs go. Even though he thinks he's an "arther" (an inside joke), he really has a long way to go. Of late, he's been caught twisting the facts, doctoring post times and dates and is often out right guilty of plagiarism and copyright infringements. Well, today, he's taken it a step further and involved "almost" innocent bystanders. When I say "almost", it's because the little Hippies should have known better. You see, today I stopped by Roanoke County's newest fire station #1 for a tour (WOW!!! but I'll get to that in a minute). When I got there, Capt. Witt told me that Rhett (riding OIC on City Engine #3 today) had stopped by earlier for a tour and took a few photos. Well, not to be out done, I too got a few shots around the station and had intended to beat him to the punch as far as posting them. I called in a favor with the Hippies at the Green house to help me in my efforts but got double crossed instead... PLUS Rhett took a little jab over on his precious Fire Critic site know what that means..

I would have never thought Rhett would put Innocent people in the line of fire nor would I have ever believed that the Hippies at #3 would have gotten the balls to mess with the misfits again... especially after the last spanking we gave em here LMAO. Anyways, the Hippies got the post up first and I'm sure Rhett will soon have an award winning (in his own mind) post up as well. Not be stopped, I too will proceed as planned and post on my tour of the palace. Here's our local news coverage of the stations opening here and here's a picture of the building

The building is AWESOME! OMG if we had stations like that here in the city. Helmets off to the County on a job well done. Modern EVERYTHING! Check out these shots of the kitchen, day room and bay...

YES, that's leather recliners! I just had to give one a test ride

Oh..sorry, that one's a little blurry. Let me see if I have a better shot...

I gotta admit, I was speechless when I walked into that station. All kidding aside, I hope Rhett got some good shots and creates a decent post (if ya need some help Rhett just call me...u got the digits). As for the Hippies getting in the middle of it.... it's coming ;-)
Ok, on to our 2nd installment of "meet our members". Tonight we'll get you a little closer to Tyrone (Ben Obaugh). Tyrone was hired 9-22-03. His 1st assignment was to Lucky 13 and soon after became a Misfit. He is married to Jill who is bound to have a special place reserved in heaven. Together, they have 2 children (and future firefighters) Jackson and Noah. He's a Veteran, and a past Marine. He's an avid outdoorsman who often hunts with his bow or uses open sights on his riffle. He scares easily and believes in zombies. All in all, a great guy to work and live around. Above all, he's a devoted husband and father. Heres a family shot

Now, Tyrone is often portrayed as a "jokster" the "funny" or "crazy" guy around the station but I really don't understand what would give anyone that impression...He's perfectly normal in these shots.... right??

He's been featured in several of our videos.. check out these links from our past
here and here
He is a BLAST to work with but also a damn good firefighter and paramedic. He too rotates between the Engine and Medic and has become proficient with his skills on both levels

I gave him his nickname because he thought he was fretting me. He was here when I got the assignment. Well, to break the tension of a new Captain / crew etc. I may have fretted him just a touch. In return, when asked what his middle inital "T" stood for (Ben T. Obaugh), his reply was "Tyrone". Like I would believe a skinny white boy from Highland county would be named Tyrone...anyow, it stuck and he's been Tyrone ever since. Besides, he looks like a "Tyrone".... well groomed and handsome!

SO there he is.. well all we can show ya on here anyway. It's rainy and cold here tonight. Bugg's in the seat while I fill in for the Battalion. We'll update if anything comes up. Thanks for following, use the comments to let us know what you think. We're back Friday and Sunday. Until then, stay dry, safe and in the house. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

Damn,until today,I thought his name was tyrone? Serious!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really nice station