Sunday, December 20, 2009


That's the sound of the day for the C-shift Misfits. The ching ching sound of running with snow chains. I guess because it never snows here anymore, the Weather Chanel was live from Roanoke for our first big snow of the season. I think the numbers range from 14 to 20 some inches in and around the valley. Our brothers on B-shift caught a couple jobs yesterday and the road conditions didn't help. Strategy and tactics change when you're not sure if the next due can get anywhere close to you. Hydrants?? Ha!The City snow plows have done a bang up job of covering EVERY ONE OF EM. Well, at least the ones on the streets they've plowed. Today we haven't had any workers but have run just about everything else. What is normally a routine EMS run now turns into multiple companies when you cant get a truck anywhere near the residence and the pt is unable to walk. The war wagon is equipped with extra shovels on her tail board(for hydrants) and logging chain and tow straps. I'm on the Battalion again this cycle so Bugg is keeping the boys straight ......errrrrr or they're allowing him to believe he is. Sorry no pics today, maybe some tonight. Double check those chains and everyone stay safe and in house.
*Special note* Again I want to mention Retired Chief Billy Obenchain. He hasn't been doing well since his return from Duke. Please keep him and the entire Obenchain Family in you thoughts and prayers. I'll try to update his condition here when appropriate
Captain Wines

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Zak said...

Update on Billy: First I would like to thank everyone for their support, thoughts, and prayers during this time. Dad is still feeling the same. He plans to continue the treatment as schedule on wednesday at Duke. He has been able to get off the couch with assistance and walk a little with assistance. We are being told be his Dr.'s that the Chemo is causing the trouble right now. That it all we know. Again thank you to everyone for the overwelming support and offers of help. I will update as we get more info. Thank you again!!