Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Retired Chief Obenchain

It's with a heavy heart that we report to you that Retired Chief Obenchain (and past Melrose Misfit)is returning home from the cancer center this afternoon with Hospice. Chief has fought a long and difficult battle with friends and family by his side. Keep the Obenchain family in your thoughts and prayers as they (and we) work through this difficult time. He is surrounded by family and friends who wish to express their gratitude for all the support they have received. Here is a past photo of Chief Billy.

These photos were taken by Holly Lipes and are the only documented photos that we have of an entire Battalion being photographed at once in Roanoke City. More images can be seen here.

Rhett also has a post concerning Chief Obenchain here.

**(additional note) **I didn't mention earlier that some off duty members were planning / scheduling to take Chief Obenchain to Duke in the morning. In the planning process, we were looking for somewhere for our members to eat, rest etc. Rhett worked his computer magic and found a station close by the hospital. I contacted Captain Towner from Durham Station #2 and that was all we needed. The Captain and his men are Members of the IAFF Local 668 and offered any and everything . Regretfully, we wont have the chance to accept their generous and brotherly offer. I hope we never have to but know if the tables are ever turned, the brothers and sisters of L1132 will be at the ready. Thanks again to Captain Towner and the members of Durham Station #2. Check out Durham Fire Dept. and Station #2 here or on Facebook here.

-Captain Wines

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