Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's What'cha Been Waiting On!

While it may be a day late we'll try not to make it a dollar short. Tonight we introduce Captain Willie (Bo) Wines Jr. While he has many nicknames here, and probably even more away from here. We'll stick with just calling him Capt.

Private Wines Jr. joined the department in 1991 his first assignment was here at #9 "C" shift. He's tour lasted a whole day. After that he spent some time at #2 "A" Shift before going to #5 where a good number of his "back in the day" stories come from. His first assignment as a Lieutenant was at #6, and he served as 1st Lt. at #13 both tours on "C"shift. He was promoted to Captain in 2001 and spent several years at #3 before being bounced around here and there for a bit. Finally landing back here at #9 "C" in January of 2007.

He's a fair Captain and makes sure we are looked after. Never afraid to take us out training and makes us feel comfortable in asking questions without feeling like numbskull's. He has taught at many rookie schools and has even had some rookies become fascinated with his demeanors and leadership style. We've nicknamed this "Mustache Envy".

He also has a strong belief in physical fitness and likes to lead by example.

Along the same lines he is a strong advocate for proper PPE. This isn't limited to just firefighting activities. There's a battle against weather also. Just ask him once the temps drop below 70 degrees if he has his long johns on and you'll always get a "yes, it's almost/already winter isn't it?".

He's always on the up and up when it comes to technology. Here he's showing one of our "tech hounds" just how things work.

Wait maybe I have that backwards.

We've watched him grow from a "iron man" carrying a "wooden ladder", using a Daguerreotype camera and rushing to the Gutenberg printing press to get a story out in time for the evening print.

To the picture booking, face spacing, text messaging, leader of the social networking, blogger you've been experiencing lately.

One of the things all of us here are impressed by is his knowledge in strategy and tactics and his uncanny ability to locate the seat of the fire and the fastest way to get to it.

Ol' Capt has a reputation of being hard nose at times. Some even refer to the "Old" and "New". We've found one really big soft spot though.....

That's the last of the Meet our Members, though we've been talking about adding one or two more. See if you can figure out who or what (<--- Hint)they might be.

Today has been a filling day. Both units have been busy with Codes, GSWs, and possible structure fires. We got to experience a new one to all of us. We assisted a fixed wing med flight crew getting a patient to the local hospital. This was new territory for us in that one, they don't let us past the gates at the airport much anymore (that's a whole 'nother story) and two, we've never seen how a fixed wing crew operates. Loading/Unloading a patient is an interesting process and we wonder how so many people fit in such a small fuselage and still maneuver to preform patient care. Also check out their ambulance...4 doors 2 stretchers and the best thing (per capt.) is no ambulance siren..they had a "Q"!

On an end note. Our department has started a facebook page. Check it out we've accomplished another first. The fire from Sunday is the page's first post.

Today's last day and we're hoping to end it quietly. Everyone stay safe.

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