Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Middle day for A-Shift

I know, A-Shift has been slacking lately. It seems Farmville has been getting too much attention around here lately and the blog has suffered. Well keep on farming Farmer Franks...I'll get this.

Today there really isn't much to post as far as calls go. The box has run a few EMS here and there, nothing to brag about. For the engine, we spent more time running to the garage to fix our wheel studs than anything else. Thanks go out to the guys down there. They really help us out quickly and get us back on the road as soon as they can.

The other trip we made today was back downtown to Station 1 to say the official good bye to BC Ricky Troutt. Here is a pic of Captain Weeks and Chief Troutt with his retirement axe. We will miss him. Be sure to visit him at his shop Iron Sports on Williamson Road. I am sure he will be spending most of his free time there building his empire. Best of luck to you Chief and thanks again.

We still haven't had a chance to capture a pic of our new BC, Chief Firebaugh. We are working on it. A working fire command shot would be nice, but I'll settle for him at #9 chewing Jerry for something. Maybe for blinding the produce man with his traffic vest. Here is another shot of Captain Weeks, this time explaining to FF "Rain Man" Franks that he doesn't have to wear the vest everywhere.

Like I said, not too much went on today. We'll be back Friday and see what we get into. Goodnight Star City, be safe out there.

P.S. FF/Paramedic Doc Dixon is off this cycle on vacation....we miss you John. No one remembers to make coffee after dinner...hurry back.

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It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!