Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last day of the cycle for C-shift, Meet Our Members part 4

Been a good day tater. Good but COLD! Actually got a little snow yesterday. Some areas got a little more than others but nothing major anywhere. We had about 2-3 inches in Catawba which was the Buckaroo's first. He LOVED it. Got to throw his first snowball and make his first snowman. I just gotta show ya the pics...

Routine calls thus far today (which is always good). I'm riding the Battalion again but hanging out here with the boys. Football and Wheezy's 3 day old "Gut Buster" chili atop nachos, with salsa, cheese etc. get out the baby wipes...this is gonna hurt!

We haven't just been watching the Redskins CHOKE... we've also been getting ready to play ourselves. The 1st official practice for the Roanoke Rampage is tomorrow. Check out that link to our site and come on out tomorrow at 18:00 and watch us get started. Hey, we also still need sponsors. Read about the league on our site... it's all for CHARITY. For as little as $250 you can become a sponsor. Contact us here or through the links on the rampage site.
The boys have been teasing me about it pretty hard today and I'm glad they're getting so much enjoyment out of this. I can't wait to get my "I told you so" in... remember boys, it's all on the big wheel :-) I think one thing that has em so tickled is the fact that I've worn my cleats all day today. I mean come on... I haven't had these things on since high school and that was..... well, that was a while ago (gotta get em broke back in). They act like they've never seen a pair of high top shoes. Wait till I break out the game shoes.. high top PUMAs with bright orange strings..oh yea!

I know they love me and are just worried I'll get injured. They keep saying something about me being so small etc. and I keep telling em that size doesn't matter. As long as I have on these shoes, the other team will never catch me. If they want to tackle me, they'll have to do it in the huddle! LMAO
Ok, on to part 4 of Meet Our Members. Meet Firefighter / Medic Scott Boone..aka Coon.

Coon was hired 8-27-2001 and assigned to old station #3. He had the good fortune of working with the likes of then Captain King, Chris Brown, Justin "57" Hines, Adam Fleming and more. No wonder he has such a good work ethic. Not long into his career, he was reassigned to station #9. Here, he is the Senior Fireman on C-shift. He has actually been at this house longer than any other member of C-shift including me. Don't believe it?? Check out this photo of when he came

I mentioned him being the Senior Fireman but he's also the one who gets away with everything. It's usually Coon who comes up with all the fretting ideas. He comes up and plans the shananagans then tricks another member into pulling it off. He's always standing in the back laughing his tail off and never getting implicated....but the ol Capt knows...GUILTY! That in part is how he got his nick name. He's sneaky. The other reason the name Coon fit was his life style at the time. You see, Coon was a "lady's man" and he was courting this one special gal. Late nights...LATE LATE nights until he finally caught her. He'd come dragging in the house for a tour smelling like Brute... by Fabersha, shoes on the wrong feet and dark circles under his eyes. Looked like a coon and it rhymed with Boone. Coon! That special gal is now his wife Sherry. Here's a few pics of the Lady's man and one of him proposing.... ahhhhhhhhh ain't that romantic (or gay lol).

They currently live on Lot 5 in a Botetourt County trailer park until they can finish building their dream home. They've purchased the lot and demolished an old existing house that was there. I assisted with the demo pictured below

While all the boys chiped in to help him find a temporary home until the new house can be built. Check out what we found for him in an older post here. You can also check out his Picture Book page to see the pics of him burning the pile of rubble from the demo job. WOW...I mentioned when you met Wheezy that he was 1/2 of the Misfit's Championship Corn Hole Team, well Coon is the other half.

A true champion but one who loves to pose... it's all about the BLING

he's also our little net worker. He's always on the phone and orginizing some sort of company gathering...

He's sitting high on the Lt. list thus far and is scheduled for his practicle portion of the test tomorrow. Proficient with all aspects of the job, I'm sure he'll do well. I'd hate to loose him but look forward to seeing him test out well and receive the nod for promotion to Lieutenant....GOOD LUCK Coon! Here are a few more pics...

So there he is... our little "poop magnet". Lt. Bugg is up next, we'll be back on Friday...until then stay safe, in the house and don't take no wooden nickels. Captain Wines


Anonymous said...

Was that a Gay Bar ??

Campbell said...

Capt Wines,
I just wanna say great job on your posts. This stuff is funny as hell. Keep it up. As one of the new hires for the County, I must say I am looking forward to getting a Capt as funny as you. I've also heard great things about how much you care for your men, thats commendable.

Anonymous said...

There's not any in the county.