Monday, September 21, 2009

C-shift returns for Mon, Wed, Fri cycle.

Ah Mondays! Gotta love em. Been a so so day thus far. Opie made it home from the beach but was farmed out to Lucky #13 today. Opie returns and Wheezy heads for sand. Popping tops and drowning worms no doubt. He traded some time so he could be off and somehow tricked little Sweeney into working. Both of the Sweeney boys work in the Department following their father's footsteps ( John Sweeney, now retired ). Ben has worked with the Melrose Misfits before and did a fine job other than darn near eating us out of house and home. Brad on the other hand has been a mess. I assigned him 1 task today...ONE and well..he failed! All he had to do was keep an eye on Tyrone. Keep and eye on him and keep him out of trouble and / or harm. I had no more than assigned the order than Tyrone was up to shenanigans. The good news was that Brad didn't eat us into the poor house. I'm not sure if it was because he just doesn't eat like his brother or due to the meatloaf fiasco that yours truly ruined. It was bad. All kidding aside, Brad did a fine job today and is welcome back. Here's his mug shot

We've kept him semi-busy today, wires down over an occupied vehicle, an MVA, a few fire alarms, a dumpster fire and stabbing (with a fork). Here are a few pics from today's action

We had a few other visitors today as well...well kind of. Battalion Chief Dave Bishop came out to ride on our part time Medic Unit #101. Back before gold badges and take home vehicles, Dave was once assigned here at #9. He's got a little age on him now, but he handled himself very well today and fit right back into the mix. Kaylor was his partner and they had the task of precepting 2 nursing students for the tour. I didn't get a pic of the Chief, but we did catch one of Kaylor and the students

Other news for the C-shift Mis-fits is that Coon sold his house. Now starts the task of buying land and building a new home...WooHoooo. The bad news is that he needs somewhere to live until he can build. Well, all you loyal readers know that all of us here at #9 are givers SO, the boys have been hard at it searching for the perfect temporary nest for Coon and the family. I think they found some pretty good options, here's our 2nd and 3rd choices.. good as these two choices are, we found one even better. The only problem here is that the previous owner is included in the sale... they could always put him on the fold out sofa LMAO!

We can't wait to be invited over for our annual fall cookout,cornhole and horseshoe tournament..

OK OK that's enough for tonight. I'll end on a serious note. We have several Brother's out on sick leave and at least one in very critical condition. We want Dave and his family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Rhett has a short post listing most of the men off (add Capt. Mutter from #6-C), check it out here
Here's to hopes for a quiet night, be safe and stay in da house. Captain Wines


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Looks like a tough day with the twins...I mean nurses!

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious who sat in an office somewhere and said to themselves..."wouldn't it be a good idea to send our nursing students to observe at a firehouse"! Isn't that just ASKING for trouble? All jokes aside I am sure you guys taught them alot but I can imagine their write-ups on their clinical experience after meeting the likes of Capt. Wines. :)

Anonymous said...

Palmer, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had nurses like that