Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacation is over, C-shift back to blogging

You know, 13 days doesn't seem near as long as it use to! I must admit that I missed being around the boys but also REALLY enjoyed the time and got alot done while off. I wont bore you with all the vacation details (if you can call the hay field and cows a vacation) but I do want to mention the trip to Nashville. I mentioned in C-shift's last post that I was heading to Nashville and the trip had some really neat tie-ins to the Fire Department. The trip was a bus trip and I was assigned to be the driver. My dad (retired Roanoke Firefighter) organized the trip and told me I was driving so it's not like I was hired on. So, the 1st tie-in to the FD was the fact that my Pop was there. The 2nd tie-in would be that Lawrence Breeding (retired Roanoke Fire Dept. Lieutenant/ worked 1965-1991) and his wife were also on the trip. Lawrence worked opposite shift of Pop for years at #6 and I have several fond memories of visiting both the Old and New Station while they were working. He was also one of the best softball pitchers the Department had back when they carried 2 teams (red and blue I believe). Anyhow, it was great to see Lawrence again. The next Fire department tie-in is pretty cool and I want to extend a huge THANK YOU. Apparently, one of our regular readers is Greg Doss. I do not know Greg personally but, he is the son of Daniel Ray Doss... better known as "Peanuts Doss". Peanuts worked here from 1959-1966. Greg is also the nephew-in-law of now deceased Joseph Myers who was also on the job here in Roanoke from 1956-1962 until leaving on disability (I believe he went blind). Like you would figure, Greg found his way to the job and is now working in Franklin Tenn. He also happens to be their Union President. Apparently Greg read that I was heading to Nashville and contacted Rhett Fleitz in an attempt to reach me. He wanted to let me know that I had a place to stay or anything else I may need when I arrived. Guys THAT IS AWESOME! That respect and courtesy has been given to brothers across the country within our brotherhood for a long time but it's really cool when it comes to you like this. . Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to meet up with Greg but wanted to again say THANKS for the offer and let him know that the same applies when he visits family here in Roanoke. I did however spend some time with Firefighters while down there. Pop made 2 very special friends years ago while on the job here. He was working at old Station #1 when two brothers from Nashville stopped by for a tour. Since that day, every time we're in Nashville or they pass through here we always meet up. This time, now both retired, Battalion Chief Wayne Vick and Captain Willie Bernard met us and treated us like kings. A boat ride with dinner and a show on the General Jackson as well as cake and gifts for Pop's 60th B-day. Thanks guys for another great time... hope to see you soon. OK, thats it for the trip, now let me get to Station #9 stuff and the happenings of a very busy day for C-shift. We had some scheduled training today out at a Roanoke County empty warehouse. The training was RIT and MAYDAY focused and it was some of the better training we've had in a while. Our brothers in the County made a really nice mock-up for a floor collapse scenario. You followed a hose line, ascended some steps and then ... CRASH! The floor collapsed under you. Our masks were blackened so there was ZERO visibility and you made a soft landing into a box full of "noodles". From there, the training focused on how each member would transmit the MAYDAY. VERY VERY VERY good training. Here's a sequence of pics.

Other senarios within the training included a "Denver" type drill that kept you thinking ROAM (rules of air managment)which was also a VERY good refresher.

We attended with our brothers from station #7 and I think everyone learned something and enjoyed the session. Thanks to the Training Division for the opportunity and to Roanoke County for letting us in the door. Retired Lt. Mikey Overacker was also on hand to snap some pics. I don't think he's posted yet but check in on him to see when he does at Roanoke .
After training, we ended the streak of this being a "902 house" by picking up the War Wagon from the radio shop...gosh we missed her. Then before we even had a chance to eat, the running began. We helped the medics tie up a guy from "planet heroin" up Melrose. Talk about a fight. Two sets of spider straps, plus 2 sets of hand cuffs to the back board. In the ER, this dude got cardioverted twice (without a line or Valium), 18 of adenosine, and a femoral line and NEVER FLINCHED! Nor did any of it work. Even the Doc was amazed. Here's a shot of the scene showing the War Wagon back on the streets of North West.

Plus Roanoke's finest...or the Po-Po as they're know around here lining up to help.
We have also ran a code and several other medical calls today. Just a full moon, run filled shift thus far! WE did take the chance to stop by my old home "old" station #3. It was sold to an architect firm that is remodeling while keeping alot the way the building use be. I have to say, from the outside, she's looking pretty good. See some of her history and what she looked like here from Rhett's site (before she was closed and the "Hippie Hotel" built) and then here are a few shots I snapped this evening.

I can't wait to see what they did inside. OK OK, as usual the post is running long and the calls wont quit so Im gonna try to wrap this one up. I did want to add a link to a recent post from over at Fire Critic. You have to check this one out but if you don't follow the directions and read the post before the video it wont make sense. The original post is from the blog "Report on Conditions" by JoeSchmoe. Take the time, you'll LOVE the video. Here's the post and link from the Critic.
That's all for now, it's 23:30 and the tones keep hitting. Well see ya Saturday, until then remember.... reading is fundamental. Capt. Wines

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