Saturday, September 12, 2009

Too nice to be here!

WOW! What a nice day. Wish we were anywhere but here on day's like this one. Most of us at #9-C sucked it up and came on in. Others (whom I wont mention...COON ) had someone else pull the tour. Special thanks to our A-shift brother Matt "Wheels" Wheeling for covering the shift while one of our members attended a tail gate, beer, wings and corn hole fest...errrrr I mean Va. Tech family oriented football game lol. I hope he enjoyed the game, he's a huge fan and the odds were that Tech would most likely win considering who they played. I think it was Craig County High School or something like that. All kidding aside, they played Marshall and dominated. Check out the details here. The "other" Va. team got spanked again (sorry Bugg). I don't even know who TCU is but they topped UVA 30-14. See their video here. And hey, since we're one the subject of football, check this out. Todd Stone, Chris Price and Richard Lipes are getting together a Public safety team to play in the North American Football League. This is the REAL DEAL guys. Not this "flag" or "adult touch" stuff we've been hearing about. Adult touch... gets me thinking more of hookers and midgets than football. This is full contact, real football. Anyways, Rhett has a post about the league and the October 20th team meeting over at his site, found here. Or you can also check out the direct link to the NAFL. Capt. Stone dropped in today to #1 get his picture on the hottest Fire Department blog in the city and #2 to drop off a flier and tell us about the league. I've already told him to count me in! I can't wait and encourage anyone who even thinks they may want to be a part of this to at least attend the team meeting Oct. 20th to get full details. Check out the link, and/or call Todd, Chris or Richard with questions etc. Here's Todd's mug shot

I said most of us made it in today and I guess 4 out of 6 ain't so bad. Coon off watching the fooz ball and Opie down waddling in the sand. I'm not real sure how he gets so much time off but somehow, he's managed to suck another cycle. The best part of his time off story is that he thinks I'll give him a day in hunting season..LMAO! After wasting this week?? Prime hay weather and he goes to the beach? He HATES sand! Hates it! The rest of us stuck here on duty LOVE the beach. Think we can get a day off? Nooooo. As close as we can get to any sand in North West Roanoke is the residue from Bugg scattering stay-dry absorbent on MVA's.Just ain't the same. Anyways, Coon I hope you enjoyed the game and Opie, I hope you didn't forget your water wings. Most of our day here was spent out in the community at Pub-ed events. We were invited up to a local Church this morning for a very nice event. We spent the time showing off our rigs to the children and adults alike. Here's a few shots.... Wheezy and Tyrone giving "Box" tours (showed em band-aids and such) and me running em through the War Wagon.

Everyone had a real god time. The only bad thing about the event was that the City's finest (RCPD) were also invited. Most firemen know that Police Officers entered the service because they couldn't pass the Fire Department test... and if you don't believe that, let me prove it. This Officer looked educated. He seemed smart. I TOLD Tyrone. There were a lot of people at this event and it's easy for him to get out of my sight. So, with his Policeman intellect, what did he do? Let him in the car! YEP, and one of those hot rod Dodges to top it off. Purchased by local drug dealers and PIMPED. I thought the wheels were 24's but I was quickly informed that they were only 22's but they keep their Sh%* clean Yo! The last time we posted about Tyrone and a cop car, he was in the back seat. If you missed that one, catch up here. This time however, he made it to the front. Check him out...

Hopefully you all know that I'm just busting balls with our brothers in blue. Here in the City, they do a heck of a job and always have our backs out on the street. That said, a little more fire vs police comedy can be found in Fireman Jake and Policeman Perry videos. Rhett has some here or if you've never seen the videos, google it and go back to episode #1.
I'll close on a more serious note today and hit Rhett's feel good piece o dung bloggie like site again. HE covered an article in today's paper concerning the closing of The Second Alarm. Todd Harris currently works at Lucky #13 with Rhett here on C-shift and Gary has been retired for some time now. The bar was been open for 30 years and has been home to many a good Jake from the Roanoke City Fire Department. We're thinking of deciding on a date and time one evening in the near future and filling the place with firefighter's so Gary and Todd can close hers doors in FD fashion. Let us know under comments here or over at Rhetts site if you think you can spare the time to throw a few beers back and give her a good send off before the 26th.
Enough for tonight... stay safe and dry. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

when does the football season start and where do they play?

Anonymous said...

The Season will start in July 2010 We hope to play home games at Patrick Henry,Or William Fleming?This is a grass roots team,We have to build it from the ground up.See the Roanoke Bravest Football flyer for more info.Web site coming soon.You can also look at the Web site.Or come to the team meeting on Oct.20th @ 6:30 Thanks Todd Stone
We are looking for a coaching staff put the word out!