Monday, September 14, 2009

C-shift's middle day

Another beautiful day spent on duty. Here we are on the lower side of North West city while poor little Opie is laid up on a beach somewhere cleaning the sand from between his toes. We were laughing about him earlier today because when I mentioned in Saturday's post about him HATING sand, I wasn't kidding. It reminded us of a photo I used in a much earlier post but still smile at the little thug every time I see it... Look behind him. Not only did he destroy the others kids sand castle... he's eating it! LMAO!!! You gotta love this kid, we need to look him up and send him an application. He'd fit real good with the Melrose Misfits. Anyhow, thanks for the bikini babes post card we haven't received yet Opie...hope you're having a good vacation. Here at home, Wheezy was gone again continuing to "get his learn on". With as many hours in class and clinicals as he's putting in, you'd think he's studying to a gynecologist or something instead of an EMT-I. Heck, I've said it 1,000 time on here..IT'S NOT THAT HARD! If they will just remember "sticky side down" when applying their band-aids, they wont have any problems LOL. All kidding aside, Wheezy and several other brothers from the Department have been working extremely hard to achieve this certification. Keep up the good work boys! Well, since Wheezy was over chasing nurses, we had to borrow a man from Lucky #13 again. The banned blogger himself bit the bullet and rode with us for half the day. I didn't take his pic but found an older one taken with yours truly a year or so ago after mopping up on a job. He left just a little too early though. Not long after Wheezy's return, 9C was out there "doing it". Oh yea, another "grab" for the c-shift misfits and the 2nd within 6 months for our "Leu". You may recall our Feb. 2009 post on our very own "cat whisperer" Well, he's done it again. We had a drive in today. A man came in stating he had a cat "stuck" in his truck. Yes... stuck in his truck. Now, many of you may not know..or care for that matter, but I HATE cats as much as Opie hates sand (worse even). So, I'm silently hoping this cat is indeed stuck and that it's in the fan belts somewhere. No such luck. This guys has been driving around for 2 days listening to a cat's meow, and not knowing where the feline was. Lucky for us, he drove by our house and figured,hey firemen live there and they fix EVERYTHING. What he didn't know is that if we can't fix it, we break and take it apart enough so that nobody else can. We could hear the little peek-a-boo puss but could never pinpoint his location. So, the disassembly began. Off with the tool box, out with the bed liner, wheezy started on the fuel lines and ignition while I loosened the motor mounts. Top to bottom, front to back, we where on this like stink on .....well we were "DOING IT". Then the magic happened. Ol eagle eye Wheezy spotted the little puss (he's always had an eye for that) and radioed his location. Utilizing all my resources, I deployed our cat whisperer. Within seconds, Bugg had the little fur ball producer and like Thiesman to Riggins, made the hand off to awaiting Animal Control Officers. It was a thing of beauty! I know, I's dangerous out here..a jungle but hey, we're well compensated. OK, there's a few more things I want to hit tonight so I'll move along. I'm not sure what site I read it on but a month or so ago I seen where someone posted on the upcoming release of the Wii firefighter game (Real Hero's). Well, its out and pretty cool. The boys brought it in Saturday and we spent a little training time on it. It turned out to be pretty funny too. The firefighter can do all sorts of tasks. He can utilize the Hurst tool, climb ladders and uses a set of irons. While searching, he can even call out to the victims. Well, before Tyrone seen any of us play it, we were explaining the "how to". We told him that the Wii is SOOOOO interactive that he actually had to call out to the victims. Yep, he fell for it. I have it on video but don't know how to edit the language..LOL you shoulda heard him "HELLO" "HELLO, ANYBODY IN HERE" "FIRE DEPARTMENT" LMAO!!!! Anyway here's a short preview of the game. We recommend it.

We received an invite to Captain Riley "Big Joe" Peters last day on the job before retirement. Big Joe is currently at station #11 and the event is Sept. 27th noon-16:00. Rhett has some info on his site here and I'll post more on Big Joe before his departure. I fretted our brothers in blue a little Saturday and I know several of them follow our postings. So, I wanted to return the the favor and give you this link to one of their blogs. It's a good read. I'll add it to our links bar at the top left as well. Ok, and to close, think FOOTBALL!! Jump on board here guys, this is gonna be GREAT. Check out these links here and here and/or call Capt. Stone, Inspector Price or FF Lipes.
That's enough for tonight... everyone stay safe and in quarters. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

Well Capt, I'm here in Hilton Head, SC thinking of you guys everyday, HA. Yes, I hate sand, but as many of us know, when you have kids everything changes. I will have you know, I've been out there "Doing It". It's getting near my bedtime now, it's like 9:00pm, so I'll drink a cold one or ten for you guys tommorrow. I'm supposed to hit that little white ball around the pasture tommorrow on some real fancy PGA course, I believe I'm living beyond my means. Travis wanted some pictures but you all know how technically advanced I am and this is about as high tech as I can get.
P.S, Capt if you get time I got some hay that needs to be mowed. I know you are probably done with your little 4 acres by now.
See you guys later, Opie.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like love is in the air