Monday, September 28, 2009

A-Shift 3 out of 3

Here we are....last day of the cycle. I am posting some pictures of E9 and L13 at Melrose Towers for the great extinguisher fight between residents. This happened first day. Plenty of dry chem for everyone that night.

Today was R.I.C. training and it was top notch. I can't give away what happens, but it really was great training. You get that Oh sh*t feeling and it makes it a little more realistic. Thanks to Lt. Gherman and 1Lt Plaza for the training. Check out Mike's site for pics of today. I have one pic of FF Noell showing us the plastic we used to block our view in the mask.

Lastly Dr. Dixon got farmed out to the deuce. He did get to come home for a couple of hours to fill in. Way to take one for the team John. We are out of here for 4 days in the morning, except Captain Weeks, he returns on November 1. Seems he is going Koala bear hunting in Australia or something...all I know is he is counting the hours all freaking day! He takes pleasure in knowing the pain and suffering that will be upon Lt. Good O. Happy hunting!

No more to post, so everyone be safe out there. Please keep FF/Paramedic Dave Palmer and his family in your thoughts. Get better soon.

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who is tha masked man???