Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Honor Guard needs members

Hey folks, we need your help. We need more Honor Guard personnel. I am looking for people who can make funerals with little notice. Usually we get 1-3 days notice. The Honor Guard has made a great impression on the community lately. We are requested at most retired firefighters funerals by the families. Our retirees deserve it. The families, especially the children see that their family member is a part of something special. They were a firefighter and gave many years of service in our department.
Anyone can join. We will work with you in flag folding, marching and posting as a guard at the viewings as well as graveside. You do not have to be prior military, it's not hard to learn. What we do need is dedication. We will need a commitment. Double breasted class A jackets will be issued to personnel. I am trying to make it where you will be issued a badge, white hat, etc. In the event where it is impossible to assist we would need you to get those items to us in advance of a ceremony so we can fill your spot with another person. The goal is to have a roster for a Honor Guard detail with contact numbers. We want enough members on different shifts to be able to use off duty personnel when on duty folks can not get away.
NO there is no pay. This is done voluntarily. We do it out of respect for our brothers. You will stand for along time. Sometimes it is in freezing rain, other times the KIWI is melting off of your shoes. Still we do it for their memory.
If you are interested or have any questions please e-mail Good O or Lipes through our city e-mail. Thank you for all of the support and be safe out there.

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