Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Middle Day for A Shift

We are in the middle of another cycle and Dr Noell is already deep into his Medic training. After a very intensive check off of Medic 9 this morning the guys have been jumping calls for training with FF/Gardner on loan from Station 13 as their driver. J Gardner has been racing the guys around the city so Dixon can concentrate on his pupil Dr Noell and get him ready to leave the nest one day.

I on the other hand have been on Little Debbie patrol making sure nobody just wanders into the station and steals any of our desserts. Unfortunately today we caught someone red handed trying to lift a swiss cake roll without permission and something had to be done. Thankfully nobody was hurt and things worked their way out peacefully.

Today has been pretty busy starting out with some weeding on our front pad at the Station and thanks to Little Dixon for hopping right in their from M-101 today pulling weeds. Lt Dan is off on vacation in Alabama again visiting relatives so we are rotating drivers of the Engine while he is off. Nothing to exciting to post about runs today, just the normal life saving calls for the Medics and the Engine staying busy as well from lines down to EMS runs.
The other week we were on our way back from training when we ran into a familiar face riding a bike beside us and sure enough it was Captain Dillan(Station 5B). Great to see the Captain out enjoying the day off.

Hopefully we have a good night and if anything worth posting arises we will add it in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

A 3 day cycle and only 1 post Jerry? Maybe you should have put the brownie down for a second....no worries.....I will be back and post next cycle. Enjoy the break.
Good O