Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Middle Day for A Shift

It has been an interesting day at Station 9 today and we still have over 7 hours left. Lt Dan is riding the Medic Truck today so he can tutor Dr Noell on what it is like being a Paramedic since Duane will soon be one. They have been gone almost the entire day running EMS calls getting soaked due to all this well needed rain. The Engine has had our fair share of calls as well including multiple fire alarms and a small fire in the oven which Wheels was able to save the day and pull the fire right out of the oven before it got out of hand.

We shipped Senior Firefighter/Paramedic Dixon off to play with our friends at Station 2 today and hopefully he is playing nicely with others. Thanks to Captain Perry and the guys at Station 4 for saving us some barbecue for dinner tonight from the Officer Seminar yesterday.
Captain only has around 31 hours left till his month off and trust me the Captain has kept Lt Dan up to date on this number as it shortens and he will turn the adult leadership over to him. Well for now the rain has stopped, but the Medics are still going hard and looks like we all might be in for a long night so short post for tonight and hopefully we get a little rest. Tomorrow at Station 11 the guys invited everyone to stop by and have refreshments with Captain Peters between 12-4 to celebrate his retirement. On another note please keep Dave Palmer and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

It's 03:40....and I still hate you Jerry Franks.

Little Debbie

Anonymous said...

Such harsh words so early in the morning from a little girl.

Anonymous said...

I like Good O's posts better. Even his pictures are of better quality. I guess Franks will always remain sub-par.....and husky.