Thursday, September 17, 2009

A-Shift double post

Well we are back....we have been. This is our 2nd day and my sick/lazy ass didn't have the energy to post. So I am gonna play a little catch up. 1st day we were short FF/EMT-I Noell who is out for some b.s. illness he can't even spell. I am not so compassionate because I saw his 2nd job as a prison Paramedic on the news after he called in sick, and I knew he was there. I posted the picture of the headline....nice try Noell!

E9 and M9 woke for a 0400 Code Blue and it all went down hill from there. As we picked up personnel from RMH we caught a working fire on Salem Ave SW with E5,L7-M7, L1 and some others I am sorry if I missed. E9 got to pull R.I.C. duty and shortly after we were cleared, thanks to the boys at 5-A getting in there first and making a quick knock down. It was nice to see the new Ladder 7 on scene doing some work. No, she isn't just another pretty's a hell of a work truck. Here are a few pics of that scene.

Today has been pretty good. Well, until I screwed up tonight and looked out of the bay window. That's when I saw some light smoke that I almost blew off as fog on a already foggy night. Just a few puffs traveling across Melrose Ave. I couldn't let it go, so I opened the bay and walked out on the pool, talked to the neighbors walking by and just scanned the area. Not even an odor in the air. The thing that tipped me off that my concerns were for good reason was the man across the street pointing behind the restaurant yelling "There's a Fire!!!" at me. That's when it happened. I got to tell you, when the printer and tones go off, you go through your routine. It is usually smooth. When you have a fire across the street..and you find are screwed. Murphy was waiting outside and ready for us. I ran to the Red Phone (our Bat Phone) that rings dispatch as it is picked up. I forgot that about an hour before, we found it wasn't working. Oh sh*t! Well after no response to my yell through the 24 inch thick steel and plaster floor, I ran up the stairs and got every ones attention. Finally we were on the way. We arrive and ladder the building for a small fire on the roof. A quick knock down and all is well. Nope! As Lt. Good O (me) is laughing at the 50 foot stream of water shooting out of the broken steamer cap when I refilled E9, the hydrant wrench does a slow motion fall from the stem and makes its way into the nastiest urine smelling, rat infested, cootie coated storm drain in NW Roanoke. I swore it was 100' deep. It took so long to make the impact sound at the bottom. Just as FF Fulton from 5 and I finished laughing at my luck, I prepared to make entry. I wish this part on no man! The wrench was recovered, no one was hurt and I no longer look out of the windows as I walk by. Enjoy the night, be safe out there. Goodnight from House #9!


OLD MAN said...

Work truck, its an engine with a 75 foot ladder on it. 5 can beat them in there, thats pretty bad with a new truck. You think with a new motor it would run better. Thats right they changed the motor out, because a good one was tooooo expensive. Thats going to be a nice hole in SW when 5 moves. Lets just put another medic truck in service, that will fix it. Who is going to be picked for the New 5, I can here all the suckin starting.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lt Dan

Anonymous said...

I have not worked off it yet.

But I have to side with the design being that of an engine with a small aerial ladder on top instead of a ladder truck with engine capabilities. It is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

interesting, 3 days of work, 1 post, sounds familiar.

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