Saturday, January 23, 2010

Better late than never....A-Shift

We are finishing up a cycle here on A-Shift. Its been pretty busy for the Engine and it's been borderline insane for the Medic truck. But so far no one has lost their mind, just yet.....

Franks and Good O were on the box last day, so no post was made. I apologize. Riding with Franks was no great time. The feeling is mutual when I say I hate his guts. So that is punishment in itself for not posting.
Last day we got some hands on with our extrication equipment. The great move is coming in April and we will be housed with Ladder 5. On that beast, there will be vehicle extrication stuff. Ladder 5 will handle the North Side of the city Extrication. All three shifts will be doing some training over the next few months to sharpen their skills. Most of the personnel have experience in the field and we are all enjoying the new task assigned to us. Here are some pics of training for A-shift. Thanks go out to Garcia Towing for providing the vehicles and putting up with the destruction.

Today we break shift to find Engine 9 is still waiting for some new pipes. We are still out there in Reserve 902. So we put up an indicator so everyone knows who we are. Being that Engine 5 is riding in an identical reserve, hopefully this will help avoid some confusion on scene. Another indicator is...we are most likely first in! That's for you Broadway. Yes, Lt. Bradbury from the Green House is at #5 now and will be joining us at New #5 along with 1Lt Gardner, Fulton and Tyrone.

Today we had a few runs. Nothing too crazy. Christmas got to put out some evicted folks trash on the front lawn. I guess they wanted less to move, I don't know.
Here is a shot of FF Noell battleing....uh...the beast?

I apologize for the WW Jr. type post, but I had to cram in 3 days worth of junk. Here are a few pics of the new #5 for your viewing enjoyment. Everyone have a good night and be careful out there.
P.S. We miss you Dixon..sorry...I forgot you old blind guy:
See you next cycle!


Anonymous said...

Where the hell was are hockey team last night. Looked like the local nursing home had a team there .

Anonymous said...

anyone get any pics of the game?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that the ENGINE 9 sign is in the shape of the TapouT logo...

Anonymous said...

Hate is such a strong word sir