Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from A-Shift!

Well here we go. This will be the last year for #9 House. They are shutting her down in March/April. The blog I guess will fall as well. Hopefully we will ride it out to the last shift.
Today has been pretty laid back, being a holiday and all. Some of us may have relaxed a little too much, as seen here in a picture of the station 9 sitting room.

FF's Dixon, Wheels and Christmas(Noell) take advantage of some down time. With the addition of another recliner, life is good at T.V. time. Our very own FF Franks is out on an elective surgery that HIPAA prevents me from disclosing. However to show how much we miss him here this cycle, we have a short music clip from our #9 kitchen as we prepared a meal today. Jerry this is for you. Please enjoy the music as well.

If we get into some photo worthy stuff, we'll be sure to post an update. Until next day, be safe out there and have a great new year.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Dont forget the frozen peas.

Anonymous said...

Our tax dollars at work.