Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

The last few days have been extremely busy here at the #9 house. Lt. Bugg is off this cycle so I will try to do the best I can. Last day of last cycle Station 9
c-shift got to start training with Engine 5 on some of the extrication tools and equipment as we are preparing to move into the new station in the next few months. We are started early in hopes that we can be of assistance once the move to the new station happens. Below are some pictures of the training taken by Lt. Bugg. Thanks again to Station 5 c-shift for all the help.

On to this cycle. Monday was our first day back. A busy day on the northside. We had an MVA on Shenandoah Ave. with entrapment with M7 and E5. Had a ride along on the medic truck and a few EMS runs but nothing much to talk about other than the wreck. E9 and M9 were first due for a working structure fire a couple blocks away from the station. E9 arrived with smoke showing from the front of the structure. Had a quick knock down on the fire in the kitchen. Had a fill in from #2 for the day. EMT-I Shannon was riding backwards and got some nozzle time. Good job to all on scene.
Today has also been busy. E9 and M9 were first due in on another fire right up the street. E9 arrived with heavy smoke showing from the roof. Another quick knock down on the second floor and attic. It seemed half on the northside battalion came to this one. Good job to all on scene. Below are some pictures of the fire today.

Everyone have a safe night and stay in house. Lt. Bugg will be back next cycle so if nothing else exciting we will wait for him to get back so you will enjoy reading this blog. Until next time, which is hopefully never. Good night.

Always remember to keep all hands and arms inside the ride at all times!!!!!


Anonymous said...

All of this training, its good but keep the cutting guys on the cutting truck. L-5. We don't need every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking they could cut something just because of a little training, keep crews together just like they do for HazMat and SWR teams.

Anonymous said...

I second that.