Monday, January 18, 2010

Simma Down Naw!

I promised I would try my best to keep everyone on the up and up so here goes. I apologize for not getting anything up last day. It was vacation sign ups and a day of getting the "new" guys settled in to their new home.

Speaking of "new" guys, lets get them introduced.

First Captain R.T. (Skippy) Flora-

Skippy was hired in '89 and most recently spent time at Company 13 before coming to us. Here you can see he is doing important phone call captain stuff.

Next is Charles Schrader-

Schrader was hired in '03 and is a medic/preceptor. Which means sometimes they let students follow him around. He most recently spent time at the Hippie Hotel and before that spent most of his career at Station 2.

Finally Billy White-

White was hired in '07 and I believe spent time at 8, 10, and 3 before landing here. He's a new EMT-I and seems to be excited to be here. At least I think that's what that expression is.

So far everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Call wise we haven't done much. I'm sure they'll all get a taste soon enough. Who knows maybe tonight. We've got a busy schedule already in front of us. In preperation for the new station we have to get up to speed on our vehicle extrication and ladder ops. I'm sure I'll have plenty to post once that begins.

I wish I had more to post but so far it's been really uneventful. I'll leave you with something I spotted driving home the other day. Stay safe! Lt. Bugg


Anonymous said...

i want to see more slide shows

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introduing the new guys. Station 6 did the same. Is there a list of who was moved and where...especially the newly promoted Captains? I heard that there were threats of quitting...any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the city has a ladder in reserve, why are there only 3 ladders operating in the CITY.

Anonymous said...

1 Chief, 3 Capt's, and 6 Lt's coming back in to the company from the airport where the hell are they going. Get ready to start riding the Medic trucks guys, it's been a while for ya.

Anonymous said...

get use to that medic truck White