Saturday, January 30, 2010

A-Shift snow day

Yes this (The snow storm) is my fault. I was gonna buy a 4x4 at the dealership yesterday and decided to stick with the Mustang. So this is my fault. If I had a 4x4 it never would have snowed. We figured out a way to beat that wicked mother nature and hooked up the stang with some snow removal equipment.

Other than the back yard fabrication, we haven't done much today because it's been freakin' COLD! We shoveled our vehicles out and cleared the front pool so we can get the trucks out. The chains are on the wheels and we are ready.

We do have an announcement to make.....Our very own Dr. Jerry Franks has been turned loose! He is the supreme commander of Medic 9! That's right....Mr. AIC himself is out there as I am posting this, saving lives by placing his healing hands upon the sick and injured. It's almost as magical as watching Dixon perform pt. care, except Jerry's patients live. Congratulations FF Franks. We are very proud of you. Especially Wheels and I, we were gonna have to take up the slack. Stay tuned next week when another "Hero of the Healing" gets turned loose. No names just yet, this is Jerry's day. Sleep well buddy, no pressure. It's only their lives in your hands!

We are still rolling in our Grumman reserve while the beast is fitted for her armor and 50 cal. door guns. We don't know when we will get it back, or if it will have a 9 or 5 on it when we do. Seems like there were some lengthy repairs to be made.
Well that's it folks. We are sitting on a NO-HITTER. It's QUIET and SLOW. So there isn't much to post today. I guess everyone wised up and stayed out of the snow and indoors. If anything hits tonight we'll get a post up. Until next day, be safe out there. Stay warm!
A special thank you to FF Kincer from the Big Show for clearing all of the stations with the service truck. Now I can drop my plow off of the Mustang.


Anonymous said...

miss your post Wines, maybe you could give some advice to the station on how to keep it interesting.,

Anonymous said...

Interesting my ass! Those post just kept going on and on and on. You A shift guys rock. Keep it up

Cousin "Jessie"