Friday, July 31, 2009

Middle day for C-shift

Well, my last post was titled "Slow rainy day for C-shifts return" and apparently I should have said slow day for Engines 9 and 3 because EVERY OTHER piece of firefighting equipment in the City stayed busy working a 4 alarm fire. YES.. we stayed IN HOUSE while our brothers and sisters made a great stop on a 4 banger over in South West. Rhett has some excellent coverage and links over at and you can also check out Mikey Overacker's site for more pics here. A few comments here before I move on... 1.) How or why we remained in house I DON'T KNOW, but we did...^%*#&@^ C.A.D 2.)I didn't know we had a 4th alarm! I always though it went 1st, 2nd, 3rd and General. I suppose the use of mutual-aid (Roanoke County and Vinton) allowed for enough apparatus to fill a 4th? 3.)I was NOT on suicide watch nor did I pace holes in the office floor 4.) HELL OF A JOB to all the brothers and sisters who were able to make that stop. I know their job was easier knowing the Melrose Misfits were at the ready to catch anything else that may have came in.
Now, on to today's excitement. I mentioned Mikey Overacker above and it just so happens Mikey stopped by today for a visit. I have posted before about Retired Lt. Mike Overacker here . He has some really cool pics on his site, so take the time to browse around that site. Here's a pic of Mikey from his visit today.

I also mentioned Rhett above and guess who our fill in for the day is??? Yep the Ol "Banned Blogger" himself. Here's a shot of him in action...ok, not alot of action in this shot. I guess he needed the rest because even Lucky 13 made the fire!!

We started our morning with a "Crispy Critter" but NOT the kind your thinking of. ANOTHER squirrel fatality. I'm not sure but it's looking like a trend starting here. Remember our other suicidal furry friend? He took out an entire sub-station. Today's little kamikaze must have been a rookie because he only managed to take out.... well hell, he only took out himself

I'll give it to him though..he was one tough SOB! HE NEVER LET GO! The 2nd pic is exactly how we found him...well, after he burned himself out anyway. OOPS... **DISCLAIMER** No animals were harmed in the posting of this...oh wait I guess at least one was...hmmmmm... **DISCLAIMER** If the agonizing, horrible, smelling like burnt hair and flesh, death of this squirrel is offensive to you OR if you are a member of PETA, we APOLOGIZE and ask that you please visit these links for a more pleasurable blogging experience here or here. Guess the little fella should have came by the station this morning to read Larry's shirt.

I guess maybe I should have rubbed Larry's belly as well but as much as I enjoy his shirts, I found one that suits my mood this week a little better...

I'll wrap it up with a few shots of another visitor today. K.B. "Kenny" Walker dropped in for a visit. K.B. is now working "scerity" up at our local Meth Clinic. The good news is that they didn't give him a gun. The bad news is...well it is K.B. working at a Meth Clinic and by the way, you gotta see the uniform they gave him. He thinks the stripes on his collar means he's a Captain...well maybe if he was on Reno 911 but NOT here. kidding K.B. Enjoy retirement! That's all for tonight. We'll update if we miss any other fires tonight. Until then or Sunday, be safe and stay in house. Capt. Wines

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