Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick update from July 4th cookout

Here are a few of the pics from the C-shift July 4th cookout at the station. Engine / Ladder 13 made it up and a it seemed as though everyone had a good time. The food wasn't bad either despite me almost burning down the station with our top of the line grill (it was however the most smoke and fire 13 has seen in a while...HaHa just kidding guys). I'll also add the video of the "almost" water melon eating contest (Tyrone became camera shy). The menu.. mushroom / swiss burgers, hotdogs both with all the fixins, cowboy beans, chips, watermelon and homemade strawberry icecream. Rhett also has some good photos and video that he may find time to post on one of his "feel good" sites.

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Anonymous said...

Did you clean the grill when you we're done?