Monday, July 6, 2009

Working Fire A-Shift

E9 caught a job tonight in the Southies area. We arrived alongside of Fridge and the gang on L7 at Chucks Seafood Restaurant in SW. We had some flames and smoke showing, enough to have a working fire page. One 1 3/4" line knocked this one down thanks to an alert community. E9 Captain Weeks handled Command, Lt Good O got the Water supply and FF Franks helped L7 with attack after forcing entry. All in all it went smoothly. No one hurt and minimal damage. Thanks to everyone....yes you too Guntar. Wheels is bigger than you, but it's still nice to have your help on scene. Well we are all off to bed, like Broadway and the Hippies have been all night. Be safe out there and we'll see you next day.

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