Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slow rainy day for C-shift's return

Today has been alot better than last day. Rainy and muggy but slow as far as runs go. The morning started out normal, waiting for Larry to come down from the locker room so we could see what his t-shirt slogan for the day would be. As expected, he didn't disappoint.

We checked the rig / equipment, made a few dozen egg sandwiches, completed our household chores and headed out for some quick grocery shopping before a little hydrant maintenance. After the normal store run, we stopped by our local produce stand for fresh veggies. Here's a shot of our local cantaloupe gals working their stand. The reason I included this pic is because you may be reading more on them in the future. She use to volunteer out in Clearbrook and loves to tell us stories about the "good ol days" out at County #7 ;-)

We found a break in weather to check in on our new station aka measure of progress. The walls are getting higher every day. We also learned that the color of brick has been chosen ... WHITE.

We swung by Lucky # 13 today to put a little "go juice" in our War Wagon and got to see and visit with "Big P" or Preston Fleitz (Rhett's family..Becky and Jade were with him as well). Anyway, I always enjoy talking with Big P about his endeavors / adventures. Today he was sporting a really cool shirt and said that if I promise to wash it afterwards, he'll let me borrow it (we wear the same size LOL).

Oh yea, I almost forgot. We have a "LOST AND FOUND" announcement. Now, I'm NOT saying these items belong to any member or particular shift here at #9. The last time we made mention in a post relating to height, some folks may have caught "feelings" and we wouldn't want that to happen again. We just want whomever is missing these items to know they have been located. If you've lost this set or some similar, just give us a call @ BR549.

That's all for tonight. Stay safe, dry and in the house. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

Does anyone even read this thing anymore?

Anonymous said...

No kidding, even the big show is more exciting than this blog.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on the big fire in Roanoke last night?

Anonymous said...

Did the war wagon have to stay in house on a four alarm fire? Too bad you guys didn't jump that one, actually more surprised you didn't.

Anonymous said...

To the person who left the 1st and 2nd comments.... YOU DO! No kidding. You not only read it but you also took the time to leave a comment. Thanks! We collect $.50 for each comment left. Maybe we'll buy a new mascot. Captain Wines.#9-C

Anonymous said...

At least the guys at 9 have the nuts to offer comments. Unlike those other blogs updated twice a year.