Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, we didn't get a true C-shift post up on Monday because we figured whoever has been making the fake ones for us would have posted on a day we actually worked. Anyway, nothing too exciting happened Monday anyhow. Today on the other hand has been somewhat busy or at least out of the norm. To begin with it has been much quieter around here. Tyrone is on vacation at the beach. I spoke with Jill and reminded her to pack the water wings before they left. She was a little confused saying that she wasn't sure if they made them small enough for Jackson or Noah. I then had to explain that I wasn't worried about the boys, I wanted her to pack em for Tyrone LOL. Him, water, shark fishing from the Pier..NOT good combinations. Let's also not forget his suit ... not sure how he swims in that thing at all! No, all kidding aside, have a safe and fun vacation Tyrone.. you've earned one. So, Tyrone's off and Coon banged out sick. That "strept a cock alofa fis" has been going around you know. That or he may have a touch of the sickle cell. You know... that stuff you get from licking food stamps (just kidding Coon..get well soon..we need ya). So both Medics are out and we need a fill-in. That plus Bugg was getting his learn on all day at the RTC taking ICS300. Now we need 2 bodies.. and the results...

Enter Capt. Clayton Martin and 1st Lt/Medic Sam Stump (on right). Both men from our neighboring station LUCKY #13. Now obviously Sambo had to ride the Medic so that left Clayton on the Engine. I offered him the Officer's seat but he refused. He actually thought if he rode backwards and we caught anything that he would / could beat me to the nozzle. Little did he know that even if he did (and he wouldn't have) that I would have pulled a 2nd line and had already told Opie NOT to charge Claytons LMAO! All kidding aside, thanks for filling in today Capt. Here's a pic of him backwards in the War Wagon.

Another note on Clayton is that his 3rd son was also involved in a bone breaking accident this past weekend. That's 3 sons..all with broken bones. Alot of good news here though. The latest fracture was just a wrist and not too serious. The even better news is that Nick is not only out of NTICU, he came home yesterday. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Beth, Clayton and all the little Martin boys.
Well, with Opie hauling 2 Captains around today he was pretty nervious but performed flawlessly. Several runs including a MVA with what looked like would be an extrication and ended up being a refusal. Check out the impingement into the passenger compartment and the bent up dash board.. decent mechanism of injury.

Not too much more to post on today. I'll add a pic of Larry's shirt from shift break this morning. I posted before on how they're worth waiting for in the mornings..always good for a laugh and I'll throw in one of Wheezy in his new hat (more on Wheezy and his draft into the National Kickball society in Friday's post...and yes I said KICK in elem. school... and his team's name???the Free Ballers LMAO it'll be good).

I'll close with a note on Brother Kincer from Station #8. Barry was involved in a head on motorcycle accident yesterday. All in all, he's in good shape. A nasty compound fracture to the lower arm and alot of discomfort. He's at RMH and could use a call or visit. That's all for now..see ya later tonight if worthy or back on Friday. Peace out! Capt.

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Thats a LOT of firefighting experience on one engine. Too bad you old salts didnt catch one.