Friday, July 24, 2009

Emotional roller coaster for C-shift

I wasn't sure if I was even going to mention this first topic or not. Then I remembered the intent of this blog. We wanted to share a little of "fire house" life with our readers. Now, alot of what you see and read here is firehouse pranks, practical joking etc. but you also get a small glimps of some of the incidents we run. When I say small, I mean small and you folks out there on the job know what I mean. In no way can a few pictures or short narritives begin to explain what we see or the emotions we feel when responding to these incidents. I once wrote in a much earlier post of how while on the job we have to see and do things that most people never even think about. Well, today was another one of those days and sadly, it involved Medic 101. We have been fortunate here at #9 to have a part-time medic unit staffed Mon-Sat from 9am-9pm (in addition to our Medic 9). We are also fortunate that our part-time staff is a great bunch of Medics and EMT's (both personally and professionally). Today, 101 was staffed with probably the 2 youngest part-timers we have. Neither one looks old enough to drive, much less be working here. These 2 are also really good kids. Quiet, polite, eager to help and learn, too young to shave or to have picked up any bad habbits know the type. Never the less, despite their innocence; they caught the call (along with E5, RS-1 and later E9). You hope you'll never have to, but if you stay in this profession long enough, odds are you'll catch one too. You never get use to it, but after you've been on the job a while, you learn ways to cope. The point I want to make here is how upset I am that it was these two that had to see it and that they had to see it so early in their careers. But more than that, I want to say how PROUD I am of the job these two young men did today. They handled themselves as professionals both during and after the incident and we are proud here at station #9 to have them with us. They know they have the support of each and every member here in our house and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family as well.
OK, with that little vent behind me, I'll move on to some happier news and events of the day.
It's Friday so, Wheezy was off to EMT-I school getting his learn on. With him learning and Tyrone off to the beach, we needed a body. Short staffed as always, they had to pull someone from the "South Side". Not just any ol station either, we got a body from THE BIG SHOW! Meet "Pookie" aka Rebecca Smith.

I don't think they feed her too well down at the Big Show... notice she's digging for groceries while still in the rig. We hadn't even made it home yet LOL. Just kidding Pookie, Thanks for hanging out with us today, you're welcome back anytime. Speaking of Tyrone being off to the beach and being the caring Captain that I am; I can't help but wonder what he's into. Playing and teaching Jackson and Noah how to build sand castles I hope but odds are he's showing them shark wrangling or something.

Capt. Bedwell from B-shift acquired us a new Officer's tool and A-shift took the time to mount it for us yesterday.... can't wait to try this baby out. I can't believe they would, but in an attempt to fret; my boys moved the tool to the bucket (where it will get used) and put some medical thing-a-ma-jig in it's place.

Needless to say, the tool is back in it's home! We stopped by to check on the Measure of Progress..aka our new station.

She's comming along pretty good. The Buckaroo stopped by for a vist and took the time to give Lt. Bugg a few pointers on wheeling the War Wagon.

Alex, our "full time part timer" brought in steaks today and DAMN were they good! That gave Coon the chance to break out what he brought us back from his most recent vacation... HELL IN A BOTTLE!

Now, all anyone has to do is read the label to know not to put this stuff on a perfectly cut and trimmed ribeye much less put it in your mouth. Well, anyone except for a Melrose Misfit that is...

Yea...they cried. We finished out the evening with a game or twenty of corn hole (we are Champions you know).

That about wraps it up for now. Hope tonight is quieter than the last. Everyone stay safe and keep em in the house. We're heading into a 4 day break! Captain Wines.

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