Monday, July 13, 2009

The North West Shuffle

C-shift is back and after today, we can pretty much say we know how the guys at #13 feel. We have shuffled men and equipment around all day. We started out with the Engine out of service. Later, after MU101's shift began we switched around and put the War Wagon back up and Medic 9 out. Everyone here had physicals scheduled today. Coon (who is on another vacation) and Wheezy have both already seen ol "Big Knuckles" so that left me, Bugg, Opie and Tyrone to all go today. Guess I've been living right because my appointment was cancelled. Bugg's remained on time as did the rest of the boys so, the shuffling from seat to seat began. Throw in shopping for our meals, mowing the grass, Monday checks etc and it made for a hectic day. No real exciting calls so far, sitting on only 4. Just passing the night, waiting on 07:50 or some pictures from Coon at the beach...if they're like the last he sent. Anyway, tonight's post will be short and sweet. I would also like to say THANKS from C-shift to for making us his Monday morning "shout out". The hits to our site really made a jump today. If you haven't checked out his site yet, it's worth the time. He's linked just above or at the top left of this page (our home page) under "links". That's all for now, I will add a few older pics that you may enjoy and as always will update tonight if we catch anything worth posting. Until then.. stay safe and in the house. Capt. Wines

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