Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rainy A-Shift day

We are back for another cycle. Today started out with quite a bit of rain. We posted pics of Dixon's pickup to give you an idea of the volume of rain. Good thing he had his lil ducky. Some wires down and a few alarms kept us running. I had a good time while babysitting the down lines, watching people drive past the flare and continue to head for the cones and firetruck parked across the road. It really is funny to imagine......what are they thinking? We have recently returned from a Southie call of gas odor in a house. Thanks to L7 and E1 for cutting us loose. We are back and ready for the next one. It's PT time. Jerry is trying to get John into the P90X tonight but it isn't looking good. The rest of you have a good night and be safe. Next day we'll get more posted.

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